Seminar Development of vocational training programs in the Netherlands

maandag 14 juni 2021

Seminar Development of vocational training programs in the NetherlandsIt was a real challenge to provide an online seminar with simultaneous translation for more than 130 participants working in the Vocational Educational Area (VET) in Lithuania.

The objective was to inform the participants about how we develop vocational training programs in the Netherlands. This was done in a way that they are able to use the methods and experiences in their own practice. We discussed the development of the qualifications, as well as the development and implementation of curricula. Both is done in strong collaboration with schools, businesses and organizations.  

Together with Karin Geurts we offered many cases. We challenged participants with questions, discussion and exercises based on experience and a methodological approach. This resulted in high involvement and interest of the participants.

The concept for the seminar was effective, but next time on location!

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